Family Springs Currency Exchange Rate: (500ml) Bottled Water $1.50 (500ml)Case of (24) $24.00 5-Gallon $24.00   Delivery options available only in Hampton Roads, VA / Prince George County, MD (2) Day Delivery
   Family Springs Currency Exchange Rate: (500ml) Bottled Water $1.50 (500ml)Case of (24) $24.00 5-Gallon $24.00   Delivery options available only in Hampton Roads, VA / Prince George County, MD (2) Day Delivery


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Why Choose FAMILY SPRINGS Natural Artisan Alkaline Bottle Water?

FAMILY SPRINGS Water is different because of its extraordinary source. (Berkley Springs) the treatment system is a two-stage process. First, they double filter the water using a 1-micron filter and then a .20-micron filter. Then they apply a UV and ozonation processes for sterilization. Using this approach allows you the customer the benefit of safe drinking water as close to Mother Nature as intended.

Reasons to Enjoy Alkaline Water

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Ultra-hydrating properties as compared to normal water. Beneficial for people who work out on a daily basis.

Boost immune system help fights against free radicals.

 Various minerals like magnesium and calcium, both of which are important for maintaining healthy bones

Antioxidants that help prevent the long lasting affect of cell damage

Helps the body to buffer acidic condtions around major organs 

Lose excess weight

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is pH?2018-10-19T10:17:07-05:00

pH (potential/power of hydrogen) hydrogen ions concentration in a water based solution. pH can be increased by a chemical reaction.

What is alkalinity?2018-10-19T10:18:27-05:00

A measurement of the concentration of minerals in a solution. Alkalinity consist of a change in mineral content. Having a pH greater than 7.

pH scale?2018-10-19T10:18:57-05:00

Provides a color coded chart of the balance on acidic to alkaline levels. Too much acid in the body causes harm to the body in the form of pain and disease.

What is the difference between pH test strips and pH drops?2019-07-05T07:01:12-05:00

Test strips measure the mineral content of the water ability to buffer acidity and the drops measure the potential hydrogen of the water which measures the chemical reaction of an acidic solvent.

Click here: A Tale of Two: pH strips vs pH drops

Why the price?2018-10-19T10:20:08-05:00

The price is determined from the area in which the water is transported from. Because 2% of the earth water is drinkable, healthy great tasting water has to come from sources with a more remote environment such as mountains or caves beneath the earth where it’s rich with minerals. Then it has to be bottled and shipped for your convenience to provide the great taste and health benefits you enjoy

How is the water treated?2018-10-19T10:24:45-05:00

The treatment of Family Springs water happens in two stages. First is the double filter of the water using a 1 micron filter and then a .20 micron filter.

Second there’s a UV and ozonation processes for sterilization which allows the safest and closest to Mother Nature for you to drink.

Google search: ozonation processes for sterilization

Where does the great taste come from?2019-07-06T18:09:22-05:00

The crisp, clear, clean Family Spring water travels from the steep mountains of Berkeley Springs, WV and bottled by Berkeley Club Beverages Inc. a winner of the International Bottling Association awarded at the International Water Tasting Festival. The history of the spring is over 250 years old and many visitors have traveled to the mountains for the inspiring health benefits of the water.  The water minerals content is all natural and comes from a source that bubbles from the ground at a constant 74.3 degrees. After the treatment process, Family Springs a family based business and delivers the refreshing taste from the mountains to your mouth.


7 hours ago

Family Springs

Water has the ability to connect us or separate us... for all, we are in the universe is one body of water.

There is no spirituality with a dehydrated body... There is no connection with the world... No attachment to the people.
We can't even vibe with ourselves without water.

Life and the knowledge of the world and it's environment is passed through the consciousness of water but being dehydrated will leave you detached from mind and body, universe and world, spirit from God.

Babies are full of life because they are full of water... As we become older there's less water and we become a remnant of life. Water keeps the body balanced in pH and in harmony meaning vibrational connection with the other parts of the body. Provide the source of life in water which brings all living things together so the cells don't have to fight each other for resources on what they need 😉

Connect to the source of life 🌱🔋💧bringing people together. - Family Springs
#gotalkaline? #familysprings
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4 days ago

Family Springs

Our motto is to be inclusive with our brand not exclusive. Water is a unifying force needed to unite the people

Designed for the unifying of the people and businesses... We are Family Springs.
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4 days ago

Family Springs

We are what we say we are. Got alkaline? ... See MoreSee Less

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