Family Springs natural artesian alkaline bottled water is a company and a registered trademark brand that is committed to hydration health and economic equality. Our health depends on balance within our body and our environment. We need balance in both to truly be happy, healthy and stress free. So in addition to providing bottled water with a delivery service, Family Springs also raises awareness in schools, communities, and organizations about the power of water. It’s amazing ability to support a healthy life is determined by access. The health benefits of water are essential towards balance of overall wellness dealing with our mental, physical and spiritual being.

Family Springs is a conscious community of people that have come together like a family to unite their common belief in the one thing that flows in us, through us, gives us life and has the power to connect us all… water. Based on a shared responsibility to provide natures own source of clean drinking water, we intend to create a brand that will deliver a message on a product that will flow throughout our communities. The objective is to provide a healthy solution to acidic drinking water and create an alternative way of living the way Mother Nature intended.

Because water is and will be part of all our lives forever we want to share the opportunity with those seeking alternative methods to creating their own flow of currency. We offer fundraising and retail distribution of our natural resource that is a true necessity and a valuable commodity. Water belongs to us all and we should all share in the prosperity of the marvelous benefits it provides.

Family Springs delivers natural artesian alkaline bottled water throughout the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and provide shipping of our 24 pack 16.9 oz BPA free bottles nation wide to health-conscious residential customers and businesses retailers.

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