Memberships gain exclusive access to a network channel of resources made available through the Aquifer Network.

AQUIFER – an underground layer of rock that holds groundwater; a water bearing rock readily transmits water to wells and springs; flows out naturally in springs.

Aquifer Member Network (AMN) is Family Springs Members Only social networking group. Based on the practice of group economics the practice of building up our credibility towards one another so that we can learn to trust each other. Water is the beginning process of building strong healthy connections for growth and development.  

The quality of the connection far out weighs the quantity of connected pieces. Our mission is in the quality of the connection from water allowing our members to determine the value price of admission. 

The common standard for quality is set by Family Springs natural alkaline bottled water. The taste of quality got you this far so all that’s left is the value of the connection… Which is determined by you the member.

Let water be your guide and take you where you want to go… through the social inner workings of a free moving substance with the power to grant access and capabilities beyond measure.

Access to private networking communities sharing in the quality of water experience from Family Springs.  Our quality is defined by our standard in bottled water quality. Our mission is to provide a quality natural resource as standard in ever community. The value of the membership network is determined by the connection between our residential members to our business members. We focus on the value of servicing each other as a community looking to bond and build the quality of the connection. It’s most important to establish a quality connection first as it determines the strength of the network signal. With great quality the volume of frequency increases raising the value of every connection made within the community network. 

Members range from a variety of customers within our network from residential to entrepreneurs in categories like, restaurant chefs, retailers, skilled trades, athletes etc.  Connection with a member through the Aquifer Network could reduce a learning curve in a profession or increase your potential worth with a valued collaboration.

Includes exclusive user account.

Provides underground access to observe the flow of currency through the Family Springs social networking channels.

Following the flow of currency through water will show opportunities to connect with people who shares your taste for quality.