Acidity is a pH level ranging from 0-6.9 and can be the cause of all chronic pain and disease. Acidity and Toxicity happen through an exchange of oxygen through the metabolic process. Our body needs to burn food for fuel and this happens through our metabolism. Oxygen is needed to start a fire and keep it burning and so does our body. Oxygen combines with elements or substances cause the breakdown of vitamins and minerals to provide nutrients our cell body needs. When we exhale the carbon dioxide is the by-product of this exchange which is similar to the fuel intake and exhaust transaction of a car. There is a continuous exchange of gases going on between the air, earth, and water and has a natural effect on the aging process of all things this is called oxidation. Oxidation happens through the loss of electrons and reduction happens through the gain of electrons. This action is part of the decomposition and deterioration process. (also see fulvic acid)
Our bodies burn at a temperature of 98.6 degrees which metaphorically speaking our body is a slow cooker. And just like a crock pot is why water is needed to help keep the body cool and prevent it from overheating/burning up. Water properties provides high heat absorption and high heat vaporization which aids in the natural cooling down of our body system.
Without the aid of water the body is unable to release these gases effectively causing toxicity within the body. Toxicity are non-favorable conditions because it inhibits growth and development of cells and causes rapid deterioration. When cells deteriorate faster than they can repair or reproduce creates a problem and the signal is chronic pain.
Pain is registered by the nerve endings as a change in its natural environment. Usually this is the first signal. Medication silences the signal but does not resolve the problem.  Example would be like an auto mechanic turning your oil light off without changing the oil. Water is needed to start with the flushing out of the toxic acidic waste of its environment. Before any procedure begins you must first clear and clean the area and the same requirements are needed for the regeneration of cells. Once the area is clean then the nourishment will be effective to rebuild the damage cell structure.  Water along with deep breaths of oxygen from the lungs provides a reduction of oxidative stress and change the chemical imbalance of the cell’s environment back to homeostasis.