Life begins with a seed that’s planted within the soil of our soul.  See our human body and the earth body are one of the same and to further understand ourselves we must look within ourselves.  But how do we do that if we yet to know what and where our soul is?  In order to solve any problem, you must be willing to travel to the root of the problem and the roots are found buried within the soil of the earth or our gut.  For us, that root takes in the nutrients from the earth’s soil from which life is planted (Soul Food).  Whether its a seed being planted in the ground, a baby being inserted into the womb or food being consumed for the nutrition it all begins in the soil of the earth for man/woman.  Soul and soil are synonymous with one another because they began and continue life.  Not to mention that all of life hangs on the balance of the soul and the soil.  The soul of man is placed within the gut and this place is equivalent to the soil of the earth.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul”

– Genesis 2:7

In comparison, once the seed is buried into the soil or food is buried within the stomach.  The earth and stomach begin a chemical and mechanical phase to breakdown and release the energy needed for life.  The soul of man and the soil of the earth both are composed of an acidic pH which tends to be very low for the stomach usually about a (pH 2) to slightly low for soil (pH 6.5).  This is used in the early phase of digestion by breaking apart bond structure that allows easier consumption of particles for microorganisms such as cells and bacteria.  The top layer of soil is the place where the decomposing of physical matter happens and in this layer is comparable to our stomach breaking down big pieces into smaller pieces of food before passing it along to the roots or intestines.

Fresh water helps to transition materials to the next phase of digestion whether it’s for the body of the earth or human.  Water carries minerals directly to the root source and into the small intestines to be absorbed directly.  Water helps the soil to loosen up and carry the organic matter to microorganisms to be processed for plant nutrients.

This area in the plant kingdom is known as the rhizosphere which is known to be the region of soil in the area of plant roots in which the chemistry and microbiology influence their growth, respiration and nutrient exchange.  The uptake of nutrients and minerals takes place at the root of the plant and intestines for humans which is more of an alkaline environment.  An alkaline environment provides a place for life to exist and grow.  In order for this exchange to take place, there is an abundance of bacteria and microorganisms that help create the environment needed for a nutrient-rich soil.  Bacteria found within the earth’s soil and in the body does things that cells can’t do like break down carbohydrates, organic matter, and toxins and turn it into energy for other living organisms to process.  The process carries on the cycle of life from the point of nothing goes to waste.  This stage and process of life are probably the most critical because bacteria of the good kind keeps the bad ones neutralized so they don’t grow and cause disease.  By continuing to feed these good guys not only prevents the opportunistic organisms from waking and spreading throughout the body but also prevents the bacteria from robbing nutrients meant for other cells.

Essentially without the water and/or organic matter, there would be little to no bacteria and with the absence of bacteria, there would be no life.  Potentially leaving the body to be a desert wasteland.  Making it completely impossible to have any sort of spiritual experience without the presence of a soul.  Water organically matters for life experiences.