Welcome to the Wonderful World of Water

Welcome to Family Springs blog.  The purpose is to share a story about the many aspects of water and the important roles it plays in our health, our life cycle and how it all connects to the universe.  Since creation before the earth was formed and before there was light… there was always water.

“And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water and God said let there be light” – Genesis 1:2-3

But before we embark upon the religious journey water has taken through universal philosophies, theories and many other spiritual aspects.  Lets begin with the creation from the world as we know it to be originally starting in the womb.  The womb is where the miracle of life begins to take place as we are submerged into what we know as amniotic fluid.  This fluid is the most vital to the health of the baby because it provides protection and development.  The fluid that surrounds the baby is about 98% water and the remaining 2% being salt from the cells of the baby.  These two elements play a major role within our body’s chemistry and throughout our life history which I will go more into later.  After about 20 weeks the baby develops kidneys and is able to urinate making up the contents of amniotic fluid which is mostly nutrients, hormones and antibodies, which the baby then recycles the fluid for nutrition.

So let us think about what type of environment would be the best condition for a baby to live in?  I’ll give you a hint its not an acidic environment. Life is born from an alkaline environment so the conditions must be maintained for homeostasis after birth.  While acid has its importance in the breaking down process, alkaline is important to the creation process and the building of life.

You may have heard these familiar sayings “You are what you eat, or You get out what you put in…” well these known sayings represent the cycle of life.  We are made from the same matter this earth is created from so its important that we refill/recharge our body properly with contents provided the way mother nature intended.   Our body is designed to regulate its pH environment of homeostasis for cells to survive which is critical in the processes of cell rebuilding and regeneration. We are not born with an endless supply of nutrients to sustain a long and healthy life, so our consumption of high water content foods and water alone is necessary. The harmony and balance connection must exist together within our bodies and the earth. Since we are mostly water made up of water, and birthed out of water to live on a earth surrounded by the marvelous wonder.  Its imperative that we drink half our weight in ounces to maintain the proper balance of water volume in the body.

Our body does not naturally automatically reproduce its own food source so our diet must consist of the things that give our body the required amount of depleted minerals that are lost through normal metobolic functions. The cells require a certain amount of nutritional value to provide the body with proper support.

The acid in the stomach function is to breakdown and process the food by extracting the nutrients from what we consumed. By discarding the packaging that contained the nutrients as waste and distributing what’s needed to the cells throughout the body.  Cells receive their food from the processes of the gut and needs this to perform its daily routine of functions within the body.  If there is no nutritional value to what we consume its considered empty calories and will all be discarded in the bowel movement of waste, leaving the cells starving for food.  This is considered to be the same as purchasing food from the grocery store and eating the package it was contained in. When cells don’t get their required fulfillment of water, minerals and nutrients, it robs from other parts of the body to obtain its desired amount to function.  This is why balance is needed within and without the human body because it is human nature to want what is needed to preserve life.  Water is needed for multiple functions in this process. It pushes the contents of nutrients and minerals throughout the body.  Water acts as a delivery service showing up to the doors of the organs providing essential needs of the body.