Become a member on any level

How it works?

1. Register to join

2. Purchase to play

3. Refer a friend

4. Repeat 2

Referral credit in exchange for bottled water is a percentage of the monthly membership price. The credit received on every referral is building a consistent supply of water reserve.
Water Credit / Referral  – Amount currency accredited to member for referrals.
Residual Referral Credit – Accredited rate amount received on each active member monthly.
Water Levee / Max Redemption – Amount of water credit currency allowed to spend on a single transaction.
Water Reserve – Total amount of referral currency = bottled water accumulated.
Water Bank – Total amount of referral currency accumulated.

Residual Referral Water Credit

Referrals Matter (3 level referral system)

Each members have a 3 level tier for referral water credit.
Each time a member refers a guest or a customer to join any one of our memberships they both receive benefits.
  • Level 1 – 15% water credit to Member A refers new Member B (direct referral)
  • Level 2 – 10% water credit to Member A when Member B refers new Member C (indirect referral)
  • Level 3 – 5% water credit to Member A when Member C refers a new Member D (passive referral)
  • Receive 25% water credit for New Members purchase
*Bottle return and crates is necessary for receiving of redeemed referral water credit purchases.*Referral water credits are issued upon completion of water transaction.*Referral rates are subject to change at anytime.*Family Springs LLC reserves the rights to change the water price.*The redeemable maximum amount of water credits used on each purchase is 40% of your total purchase amount.*Membership status must be active to receive residual commission.*Redeemable water credits on retail purchase prices for 5-gallon bottled water or 16.9 oz bottles case of 24.*Referral water credits cannot be used with membership water rates.*Referral credits will be used on retail price water.
The importance of water is critcal for a healthy life and because everyone does not have access or the means to be connected to an healthy organic source Family Springs Membership has made the flow of water currecny available through multiple options for members. Wealth through health provides the oppurtunity for customers to effectively increase their water intake. Discount rates on additional water purchases and referral water credits allows the member to build a bank without breaking the bank.

Referral Percentage to Water Credit Currency