Our water is derived from an age-old spring that dates back to the 1700s.  Our natural artesian spring water is known for its rich minerals that flow from the ground at a constant 74.3 degrees all year round.  The source of minerals was once known to the Native Americans long before the arrival of the Europeans as a place where they would come to heal themselves in the rich waters of the mountain springs.  Later The Town of Bath was established in Berkeley Springs, WV and provided the first public spa in America.  The clean pure spring water once the home of the Indians later became the bath spa visited by President George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt and others.

The historic mountains spring water rich in history and rich in minerals is now bottled by Berkeley Club Beverages who has been honored numerous times in international water tasting competitions for its clean, crisp taste of water.

Now, the 250-year-old experience is shared with you by Family Springs.  A family business made to deliver the refreshing taste and age-old experience to your home and office.  We bring the clean, healthy natural artesian alkaline spring water from the mountains to your mouth which is truly a taste you will notice, your body will feel, and family will love.