Family Springs monthly membership provides discounts on products and merchandising and savings on services. Family Springs membership includes a choice of a case of 24 (500ml) bottled water or 5-gallon. An active membership account will reveal special offer pricing on Family Springs bottled water, clothing apparel and other merchandise. Membership renews monthly from the date of sign-up and/or purchase. Customer shall receive there water during the delivery days Monday, Thursday, Saturday between the hours of 7 am – 5 pm. In the case of insufficient funds upon monthly renewal water will not be delivered until completed transaction. If member choose to spend or cancel the subscribed water plan they must do so through the my account portal or (10) business days by email prior to monthly renewal.


Offers a lock in monthly rate for the desired amount of bottled spring water provided in a 16.9 oz bottle 24 per case or a 5-Gallon jug. Subscriptions: If you sign up for a recurring subscription or Family Springs membership plan from our Shop, you will receive the same products you ordered every month. The recurring subscription will continue until it is suspended or canceled by either you or Family Springs. The Customer or Family Springs can suspend or cancel any recurring subscription at any time with no obligations or cancellation fee with the exception of a recurring subscription that has already been processed prior to the cancellation. The Customer recurring subscription shipment will be cancelled after the aforementioned shipment and you will still be responsible for payment of the last shipment. Cancellation of your account can remain active and any account created or registered by you or our Shop will not be deleted and you can still sign in to our Shop and use your account to continue to track your purchases until such time as Family Springs limits your access to or suspends your Account. Your account upon cancellation will no longer receive the benefits as the active subscribers receive such as discounts on purchases and delivery charges that apply to active members. You (customer) agree that any cancellation, limitation of access and/or suspension of your Account shall be made in Family Springs sole discretion and that Family Springs will not be liable to you or any third party for the cancellation, limitation of access and/or suspension of your Account.


($8) domestic flat rate charge for Family Springs customers and monthly subscriptions.

($8) delivery fee to single purchase orders Customer will purchase from Family Springs, Family Springs Natural Artesian Alkaline bottled water products and related products that will be ordered by the customer. Customers such as (Family Springs Members) and (Subscribers) will be responsible for the monthly rate of $8 per delivery. Family Springs bottled water will be delivered Monday, Thursday, and Saturday between the hours of 7am – 5pm. [Delivery areas include Virginia, Hampton Roads | Maryland, Prince George County, Howard County.]


The initial term of this agreement will start on the date that the order is placed. Customer will receive product on one of the scheduled delivery dates after purchase or monthly membership renewal. Customers who purchase products will continue on a monthly schedule from the date of placed order. This product is delivered by the company and will continue on a month to month basis until suspended or terminated. The initial terms of this agreement will be on a month-to-month basis or until terminated by the company or customer. Termination of agreement should be made prior to renewal date through the my account access on the Family Springs website.

*All Customers: Upon expiration or termination of this agreement, Customer will permit Family Springs to retrieve the equipment and bottles which will be in the same condition received by Customer with the exception of normal wear and tear.  If Customer fails to return equipment and bottles the Customer will be responsible for full replacement value. There is a ($10) charge on non returned 5-gallon jugs.


Consist of blue rack containers that carry the individual 16.9 oz bottled water and 5-Gallon jugs. Non-return fee of blue rack carrying crates ($8), 5-Gallon bottled Jug is property of Family Springs and must be returned upon cancellation to avoid a ($10) per bottle charge. Company will deliver bottled water on crates for jugs and 24 count (500ml) bottled water jug container and crates must be returned back to the company.

Risk of Loss

Customer assumes risk of loss or damage to the equipment and bottles in customer’s possession and is responsible for all liability resulting from their use and operation.  Customer will pay Company upon demand costs to repair or replace any lost, stolen or damaged equipment or bottles as determined by Company. Customer will to the full extent permitted by law, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Company,  its parent, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents from any loss, damage, liability, cost, fines or expense including reasonable attorney fees, as a result of Customer’s default or the exercise of Company’s remedies.

Default by Customer; Company Remedies

Customer will be in default if customer fails to pay any amount when due; fails to perform or violates any other term or condition and fails to cure the same within ten (10) days after the occurrence; or abandons or abuses the equipment or any bottles.  Upon defaults, Company will have the right to exercise any or all of the following cumulative remedies and any other rights or remedies it may have at law or in equity; terminate this agreement without relieving customer of its accrued and continuing obligations; declare immediately due and payables (as liquidated damages and not as penalty). All outstanding charges plus the balance of the leased equipment rental to the end of the term; and/or reprocesses the equipment and bottles, Customers waiving notice, legal process or liability for trespass or other damage, or declare it a total loss and customer will pay Company its replacement value.  Customer waives any requirement that Company post a bond or other undertaking in repossession proceeding. Customer will pay all of Company’s cost including reasonable collection and or attorneys’ fees as a result of Customer’s default or the exercise of Company’s remedies.


The importance of water is critcal for a healthy life and because everyone does not have access or the means to be connected to an healthy organic source Family Springs Membership has made the flow of water currecny available through multiple options for members. Wealth through health provides the oppurtunity for customers to effectively increase their water intake. Discount rates on additional water purchases and referral water credits allows the member to build a bank without breaking the bank.
  1. Become a member at any level
  2. Refer a friend
  3. Buy water
  4. Repeat 2
Referral = Water Credit – Amount currency accredited to member for referrals.
Residual Referral (water) Credit – Accredited rate amount received on each active member monthly.
Max Redemption = Water Levee – Amount of Water credit currency allowed to spend at one time on purchase.
Water Reserve – Total amount of referral currency = to bottled water accumulated.
Water Bank – Total amount of referral currency accumulated.
Welcome (water) credit = Guest customer price percentage of membership.
Members rate price = Cash only
Referrals Matter (3 level residual referral system)
Each time a member refers a guest/customer to join any one of our memberships is a Level 1 direct referral which is equal to 15% of the new membership purchase.
Level 2 is when the referral becomes the referrer. Member Awill receive 10% of the membership value from Member B direct referral.
 Level 3 is when Member A receives passive referral water credits from Members C referrals.
Between 1- 3 levels that referring member receives water currency towards next purchase of water. Total up the referrals and cash them in for the water price.
  • Level 1- 15% water credit to Member A refers newMember B (direct referral)
  • Level 2- 10% water creditto Member A whenMember B refers new Member C (indirect referral)
  • Level 3- 5% water credit to Member A whenMember C refers a new Member D (passive referral)
  • Receive 25% water credit for New Members purchase
*Bottle return and crates is necessary for receiving of redeemed referral water credit purchases.
*Referral water credits are issued upon completion of water transaction.
The credit received on every referral is building a water bank reserve. Referral water credit in exchange for bottled water is a percentage of the monthly membership price. The redeemable amount of water credits can not exceed 30% of your total purchased amount.
**Family Springs LLC reserves the rights to change the water price.
*Referral rates are subject to change at anytime.
Referral Percentage to Water Credit Currency
Copper Membership $20
Great for water starters the introductory membership allows the customer to pick up at any channel location for a retail discount on in store pick up or pay for delivery. And because water currency can flow upstream the referral water credits will establish wealth through health benefits of alkaline bottled spring water.
15% Level 1 referral =  $3
10% Level 2 referral =  $2
5% Level 3 referral = $1
Silver Membership $28
Additional value with a discounted price. This middle of the road membership brings a taste of the valued experience but no less benefits on the taste or natural effects of the Artesian spring Alkaline Bottle water from Family Springs. 
15% Level 1 referral = $4.20
10% Level 2 referral = $2.80
5% Level 3 referral = $1.40
Gold Membership $35
Premier experience in value of your health and wealth. Customers that enjoy drinking water frequently or supply the home, Commercial businesses and offices, gyms and sports facilities this membership is for you. The rate + referrals = infinite possibilities 
15% Level 1 referral = $5.25
10% Level 2 referral = $3.50
5% Level 3 referral = $1.75
Residual Referral Water Credit
Each members has a 3 level tier for residual referral water credit.
Membership status must be active to receive residual commission.  Current membership does not count toward residual after registration.
Gold levels – 3
Silver levels – 3
Copper levels – 3

Family Springs LLC

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